Aerospace Engineering and Different Industry

Aerospace Engineering and the Tech Industry

Aerospace engineering has a lot of crossover with the tech industry, as most of the modern aerospace startups including Elon Musk’s Space X, Blue Origin and Virgin Galactic are headed by CEOs who are also adept in technology. As consumers become more involved in air and space travel, consumer technology will become even more important in conjunction with aerospace engineering.

Aerospace engineering firms require tech-centered positions like software developers and IT professionals and consultants familiar with the unique data heavy and speedy processing requirements of the aerospace industry.

Aerospace Engineering and the Space Industry

The space industry is seamlessly tied to aerospace engineering. Engineers are needed to safely get people and supplies to space, and more importantly, back to planet earth. Potential jobs within the space industry for aerospace engineers include launch engineer, antenna engineer, and safety and training specialist

Aerospace Engineering and Defense Industry

There are numerous positions in the defense industry for aerospace engineers. Keep in mind that many of these positions require an official security clearance, so keep your record clean and stay out of trouble.

Aerospace engineers in defense not only design innovative and experimental aircraft but also work on missiles and other important facets of defense. While some disagree with the increase in military spending over recent years, it has done a lot of good for the defense industry which grew by almost 40,000 jobs in 2016, and the trend is projected to continue.

Aerospace Engineering and NASA

NASA stands for the National Aeronautics and Space Administration. In the US, the government bureau is responsible for aerospace research and national space exploration programs. Some of the best aerospace engineers in the country work at the agency, and many who study the subject list working for NASA as a goal.

What types of aerospace engineering jobs are available at NASA? Well, you could be an astronaut, a mathematician, a quality control inspector, a technical communications specialist or a mechanical engineer. All of these positions are important parts of the aerospace field and work together to create the most cutting-edge aerospace technology!

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