Basic Titles and their Meanings in the Aerospace Industry

When considering a career in the aerospace industry, there are many titles to consider and it may become a bit confusing. However, most of the job titles are pretty self-explanatory. You just have to decide which one is right for you!

Astronautical Engineer

As previously mentioned, an astronautical engineer focuses on traveling in the outer space realm. Astronautical engineering is a specialty within the field of aerospace engineering. A career with this job title promises lifelong learning and innovation, as space is the last frontier!

Design Aerospace Engineer

Design engineers focus on the conceptualization and planning of aircraft and spacecraft. You may work with special software to help design, and you may work with other types of engineers who will actually bring your ideas to fruition, and others who will help you determine if your designs have the potential to be successful in the commercial market.

Materials Aerospace Engineer

One of the major goals of many modern aerospace projects is to make aircrafts lighter and more fuel efficient. That means, researching and developing new materials and ways of using them to make safe aircraft that can surpass the current milestones of human flight.

Stress Analyst

Stress engineers and analysts help to determine stress points within the design of a new aircraft. They may also analyze existing aircraft. They work with a loads engineer to come up with the proper load/stress ratio to actually get the aircraft working properly and able to move into the physical prototype or manufacturing stage.

Quality Inspector

A quality control aerospace engineer is a very important position! They inspect aircraft and make sure that the parts and design not only conform to legal safety standards but also meet internal requirements. This position is indispensable and helps to find flaws in manufactured aircraft.

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