How to Become an Aerospace Engineer at NASA

NASA is one of the most sought-after organizations for aerospace engineers. The first step to working at NASA is definitely getting the right education starts with an undergraduate degree in aerospace engineering. This could be enough to get you an entry-level position, but many choose to get a masters or even a doctorate which allows them to focus on a specialty.


Once you have your degree, or even while you are getting one of your degrees, it could be all about getting a foot in the door. Doing an internship can be a good way to make yourself known at the organization while still doing something fun and exciting to further your experience. The NASA Pathways Intern Employment Program helps interested parties become involved with the organization. These are not your average internships. NASA internships are paid and offer invaluable experience.

NASA also offers a similar program for recent graduates called NASA Pathways Recent Graduates Program. The goal of this program is to get recent college graduates into positions at NASA. Or, if you’ve recently completed some graduate coursework, look into the NASA Pathways Presidential Management Program.

NASA also offers several exciting and competitive fellowships, which are short programs connected post-1to specific universities including Harvard, UCLA and Penn State. These programs offer opportunities for students to get the extra education that could give them a leg up when looking for a job at NASA.

If your dream is to be an astronaut, then look into the Astronaut Candidate Program. There are extra educational, physical and professional requirements, so make sure you meet all of these before you apply to the program.

Otherwise, the best place to find a NASA job is to apply on the USAJobs website. This is the main hub for all federal jobs, and the site is pretty easy to use. You can easily upload your resume and write a custom cover letter for each job that you apply for.

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