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Dive into Aerospace, Aeronautical, and Avionics Engineering  at IIAEIT Pune – Where your dreams take flight through innovation, expertise, and excellence.


Aerospace Engineering

Engineer the future of Space and air travel, from Propulsion Systems to Spacecraft Design.


Aeronautical Engineering

Delve into Aerodynamics and Aircraft Design, shaping the next era of Aviation .


Avionics Engineering

Specialize in the electronic Systems that navigate and control Aircraft, blending tech with Aviation .


Defence Technology

Pioneering next-gen Defence solutions in Aerospace, Cyber Security and Advanced Missile Technologies.

About Us

Shaping Aerospace Futures with Innovation and Excellence

At IIAEIT Pune, we’re dedicated to molding the next generation of Aerospace leaders through specialized programs in Aerospace, Aeronautical, and Avionics Engineering, backed by our legacy of excellence and global collaborations.

Key Points:
  • Founded 2001: Pioneers in Space Engineering
  • Diverse Programs: B.Tech to M.Tech Options
  • Global Standards: UK and US University Collaborations
  • Career-Focused: Strong Industry Links for Placements
  • Modern Facilities: State-of-the-Art Infrastructure
  • Expert Faculty: Guiding Future Innovators
  • Dynamic Learning: Clubs and Value-Added Courses
  • Inclusive Community: Nurturing Diverse Talent
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1 +
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Our Courses

Engineering the Skies and Beyond

Explore the forefront of Aerospace innovation with IIAEIT Pune’s specialized courses,
Designed to propel your career in the dynamic field of Aerospace Engineering.
Aerospace Engineering

B.Tech Aerospace Engineering

Propel into the future of Aviation and Space travel with this comprehensive course covering everything from Spacecraft Design to advanced Propulsion Systems.

Aeronautical Engineering

B.Tech Aeronautical Engineering

Dive deep into the Design and Dynamics of flying vehicles, including commercial Aircraft, Drones, and Missiles, blending Aerodynamics with innovative Engineering.

Master the fusion of electronics and Aviation

B.Tech Avionics Engineering

Master the fusion of Electronics and Aviation , focusing on Electronic Systems in Aerospace vehicles for a high-flying career in Avionics Engineering.


M.Tech Aerospace Engineering 

Advance your Aerospace expertise with a focus on Aircraft Design, Space Technology, and Propulsion, enriched with hands-on projects and Industry insights.

panzer Defense

DUAL DEGREE Defence Technology

Navigate the intricacies of civil and Defence Sectors with a curriculum steeped in missile Technology, Naval Systems, cybersecurity, and more.


Dual Degree AerospaceProgram

Embrace a comprehensive journey from foundational principles to advanced Aerospace concepts, preparing you for diverse roles in Research, Manufacturing, and beyond.


Empowering Futures, Connecting Aspirations with Opportunities

Expert Faculty

Meet Our Teaching Staff

Discover the minds shaping the future of Aerospace at IIAEIT Pune. Our faculty are esteemed experts in their fields, combining groundbreaking Research with a passion for teaching.

Dr. M Suresh Kumar Designation

With a PhD in Avionics System and 14 years of teaching experience, Dr. Kumar has published 12 national and 10 International papers, bringing invaluable knowledge and innovation to IIAEIT Pune.

Associate Professor
Dr. Prashant Kumar Designation

An expert in Space Dynamics with a 10.6-year teaching tenure, Dr. Kumar has contributed significantly to the field with 1 national and 4 International publications.

Assistant Professor
C Sushmitha Designation

Holding an M.Tech in Aerospace, C Sushmitha has 5 years of teaching experience and has made a notable academic contribution with a published paper.

Teleti Mahesh Kumar
Teleti Mahesh Kumar Designation

With an M.Tech in Aerospace and 11.5 years in academia, Teleti has enriched the field with 2 national and 2 International papers, sharing his extensive knowledge with aspiring engineers.

Mohan Eti Assistant Professor
Mohan Eti Designation

Mohan Eti, an M.Tech in Aerospace, brings 4 years of teaching experience to IIAEIT, contributing to the institute's dynamic academic environment.

Gooty Assistant Professor
Gooty Rohan Designation

An M.Tech in Aerospace with 5 years of teaching experience, Gooty Rohan has contributed to the Aerospace field with 1 national and 1 International paper.

Shirish P Kulkarni Assistant Professor
Shirish P Kulkarni Designation

Shirish, with an M.Sc. in Mathematics and a remarkable 17 years in teaching, has authored 5 International papers, bringing a wealth of knowledge and expertise to IIAEIT.

Neelam Agrawal Assistant Professor
Neelam Agrawal Designation

Specializing in E & TC – Signal Processing, Neelam Agrawal, with an M.Tech degree and 3 years of teaching experience, is a vital part of the IIAEIT faculty.


What Our Student Says

Hear directly from our alumni and students about their inspiring journeys
and experiences at IIAEIT Pune, shaping their Aerospace aspirations.

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