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Scholarship Opportunities at IIAEIT

At IIAEIT, we are committed to providing exceptional Educational opportunities to talented and deserving students. Recognizing the competitive nature of today’s academic environment, we proudly offer a range of scholarships to support your academic journey. These scholarships, available through various quotas such as AERO-CET, sports, and Defense, are Designed to help you achieve your dreams in the fields of Aerospace, Aeronautical, and Avionics Engineering.

Embrace the opportunity to excel in your Aerospace Education with our AERO-CET scholarships. Designed for aspirants of B.Tech + M.Tech Aerospace, B.Tech Aerospace, Aeronautical, and Avionics Engineering, these scholarships are a stepping stone towards your academic success.
Table 1.1: AERO-CET Scholarship Slabs
Sr. No AERO-CET Scores Scholarships Slab
1 75 % & above 25 % of First Year Tuition Fees
2 60 % – 74 % 20 % of First Year Tuition Fees
3 45 % – 59% 15 % of First Year Tuition Fees
4 30 % – 44 % 10 % of First Year Tuition Fees
5 10 % – 29 % 5 % of First Year Tuition Fees
For the sporting achievers, our sports scholarships recognize your dedication and achievements in sports, along with your academic pursuits. These scholarships support athletes who have excelled at various levels of sports competitions.
Table 1.2: Sports Scholarship Slabs
Sr. No Participation / Representation Level Scholarships Slab
1 International 25 % of First Year Tuition Fees
2 National 20 % of First Year Tuition Fees
3 State 15 % of First Year Tuition Fees
4 District 10 % of First Year Tuition Fees
In honor of those who serve, IIAEIT offers Defense scholarships. These are reserved for the children of Armed Forces, Para-Military Forces, and Police personnel, acknowledging their sacrifices and contributions.
Table 1.3: Defence Scholarship Slabs
Sr. No Special Scholarship Criteria Maximum Seats Reserved (On the basis of first come first serve) Scholarships Slab
1 Son/Daughter of Armed / Para – Military forces/ Police. Maximum 15 Seats each Program 10 % of First Year Tuition Fees
2 Students with recommendation of Educational institute Head’s Maximum 15 Seats each Program 10% of First Year Tuition Fees
Rules and Guidelines:
  • Candidates are eligible for scholarships in subsequent years upon fulfilling the academic requirements as stated by the respective department/Regulatory Authorities/University.
  • Conditions mentioned in Table Nos. 1.1, 1.2, & 1.3 are applicable for all categories.
  • Candidates fulfilling criteria mentioned in Table Nos. 1.2 & 1.3 are exempted from the AERO-CET Examination.

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