Admission Process

Navigating Your Path to Aerospace and Avionics Expertise

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Embark on your journey to Aerospace and avionics mastery with IIAEIT Pune. Our admission process is streamlined to ensure a smooth and transparent experience, guiding you step-by-step towards securing your place in our esteemed programs.

Steps for Enrolling at IIAEIT Pune:

Step 1: Check The Eligibility
  • Begin by reviewing the specific eligibility criteria for your desired program. Each program at IIAEIT Pune has unique requirements tailored to its curriculum.
Step 2: Application Process
  • Option 1: Online Registration for AERO-CET, a comprehensive entrance test for scholarship and admission.
    For more information on AERO-CET registration Click Here

  • Option 2: Visit our campus for a personalized counseling session and interview.
    For registration for the interview Click Here 

  • Option 3: Register online for direct admission through our user-friendly online portal.
    For online Admission Click Here
Step 3: Admission Offer
  • Following your application, we will promptly inform you of our admission decision. Successful candidates will receive an offer letter, while those needing to address any gaps will be advised accordingly.
Step 4: Acceptance of Admission Form
  • Upon receiving an offer, students enter into a contractual agreement with ADYPU, agreeing to adhere to our regulations and policies. The final step involves signing the “Acceptance of Admission Form” to confirm your enrollment.

Apply for AERO-CET 2023: Unlock Scholarships & Launch Your Aerospace Ambitions!

Join IIAEIT Pune and shape your future in the dynamic fields of Aerospace and avionics Engineering.

Apply for AERO-CET 2023: Unlock Scholarships & Launch Your Aerospace Ambitions!