Director’s Message

Elevating Aerospace Education to New Heights

Director of the IIAEIT

At IIAEIT, we believe in providing our students with the tools and knowledge they need to thrive in the dynamic field of Aeronautical Engineering. Our courses are meticulously crafted to meet the demands of the Industry while fostering creativity, critical thinking, and technical expertise.

One of our flagship programs is the B.Tech + M.Tech Dual Degree in Aerospace Engineering, a unique offering that allows students to earn both bachelor’s and master’s degrees in one integrated program. This program provides a deep dive into the complexities of Aerospace Engineering, equipping students with specialized skills and knowledge to tackle real-world challenges.

For those interested in Aeronautical Engineering specifically, our B.Tech program in Aeronautical Engineering provides a solid foundation in Aircraft Design, Aerodynamics, Propulsion Systems, and more. Students delve into the intricacies of flight mechanics and Aerospace Technology, preparing them for careers in Aircraft Manufacturing, Research, and Development.

Moreover, IIAEIT offers a supportive learning environment with state-of-the-art facilities, experienced faculty, and Industry-relevant curriculum. Our commitment to quality Education ensures that graduates are well-prepared to excel in their chosen careers, whether in the Aviation Industry, Space exploration, or Research and Development.

Join us at IIAEIT and embark on a journey that will shape the future of Aerospace Technology.

Prof. Dr. M R Patkar